Margot by Cassie Brace Issues with body


I was wondering if anybody else had issues with the body that come with Megan. I bought 2 Megan kits from Macphersons. They have treated me really good and have given me discounts and so on. The problem is the body that come with Megan. It was downright terrible and no matter how much Iried, she looked like a fat little hunchback. There are no gathers in the butt. I ended up buying another body and put it on and it looks so much nicer. Is it just me or is anybody else having issues with the body?


Oh my, what a cute girl!


I’m a little confused, isn’t that Margot by Cassie Brace?


It is Margot. I think she just typed the wrong name


You are correct. I always get Megan and Margot mixed up.


Gotcha:) Your version is such a cutie! I have the kit, I’ll definitely check the body, thanks for the tip!