Manor elves


Who all is getting a manor elf? I want them all. But I decided to start with just Bipsey, the little open eye one. I’m sure I’ll end up with the others too. But I must have some self control. One. At. A. Time. :grimacing:


I preordered the big one this morning…I have mixed feelings about the little ones…


I will get them eventually… Sarah told me they are open edition so I am okay with waiting right now.
I just paid off my Luciano and still owe on Ephram


I love the big one. But I don’t love her price! I’ll probably still fall sucker to her though. :tired_face:


Meh…I can do without them


I preordered Bipsey as well and then promptly got a custom order for her from my fav customer :slight_smile:


I kinda want the big one. I need to make myself a little Dobby.


I don’t really like them but looking forward to see your versions .


Not my cup of tea but my son would love these so I may make him one for his birthday in August.


I ordered Bipsey and Beesly not crazy about Tipsy the straight legs and the price.


Me too…I don’t like fantasy things


I pre-ordered Tinky this morning


I preordered all 3 of them but I must say I think they are overpriced for their size. I don’t think I’ll be buying any more any time soon. (I DO get that they are a novelty)


I love them. Beesley is my favourite. I would love to make them all one day, preferably if they go on special. :wink:


I want the two little ones! i think they are so cute. Not sure about the big one with thhe straight legs yet. but the other two seem like babies and i think theyre adorable.
my mom thinks theyre creepy. … i sent my family pictures today. my sister and neice agreed on “adorably creepy :slight_smile:


I agree with your mom on this one lol :joy:


I’m getting Beesely with some Christmas money :slight_smile: I saw the original at Rose and have been waiting for him! So excited!! I’m not usually an alt doll gal but he’s the exception for sure. I’ve bought some white mohair for him


@jlesser thank goodness!!! I’m glad you shared that, I’m relieved :relieved: I want them all but can’t really buy any of them at the moment. I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to get one if I didn’t get one right now.


White mohair will be great! I’m so happy for you :heart:️ Can’t wait to see him finished.


Here’s a version of Tinky!