Making eyes! 👀

One of my classes at school is “Eyes and Teeth” so I figured it would be a great time to experiment with baby eyes as well.
Here’s some of the eyes I’ve painted thus far and I’m experimenting with resin to tint the sclera a bit blue.

The pictures aren’t the best, since the eyes are glossy it’s hard to capture all the detail in them. Also please ignore the mod podge peeling off my hands :grimacing:
I have a pair that is small enough to fit in Sandie so once they’re done I’ll see how they look in her head!


How cool!!! I cant wait to see them in her!!!

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This looks like so much fun :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Cool, good for you making your own eyes, nicely done!

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So uh what are you going to school for? This is so cool!!!


That is great! First one looks very nice!

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I go to school for special effects makeup!


That is so cool! @oliviamarie

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