Making a sleeper "peek" *minutes old photo warning*

Can you, with any success, make a sleeping kit into a peeking kit? Do you cut the crease between the eyelids? How do you keep the slit open? What do I put behind the slit and how do I get them to stay? I am going to get a couple of test heads to experiment with, but I would love to know a little about what I am attempting before I go for it. Here are a couple of pictures of my newborns (who were both peekers so that you can see what I am shooting for) TIA!


It takes a certain kind of kit to do it realistically. You have to cut a piece out with an narrow X-acto blade. I’ve done it on Maggie and Kimberly. If you go look at them, you’ll see the kind of eyelid creases you need. Kimberly’s are more peeky. I cut along the creases then smoothed the edges with acetone and a Q-tip. IDK how you’d smooth them when they’re just slits. Getting the eyes in was really hard. It took me 3 days for the first one. Check out Franklin by Elisa Marx. He might work for the first baby. You’d need eyes like BB Heather for the 2nd one but her mouth is wrong and you’d have to make a very small slit. Ellis by Olga Auer would work if you can get your hands on him.

This is one of my Maggies. I had to screenshot it or the description wouldn’t be there. I don’t have a picture of Kimberly.


Idk. But this baby sure does look like Liam Kazmierczak. :open_mouth:


Absolutely looks like Liam, right down to the hair. Much better match than Franklin.

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He does look like Liam, I agree. The baby does not have to match. I just want to know the best way to open a sleeper’s eye just a bit without compromising the vinyl :slight_smile: