Maizie Arcello?

I’ve never been one for bigger babies…but this one is sooo adorable! Her preorders are supposed to open October 15th. The only dealers I’ve seen for her are City of Reborn Angels, Irresistables, and Andrea herself. Kinda confused though, because there is only a page for Maizie’s silicone edition on Andrea’s website, no info about the vinyl kit. Also can’t figure out whether her edition is 1000 or 500, because different websites say different things. :confused: I probably won’t preorder her (I’d have to get past my dad lol) but she is a cutie!


I only see her on Irresistables in vinyl for $139.99. Andrea’s site has her kit in silicone for $2300.00 LE of 25. You’re right though. She is a cutie.

On FB Andrea said Maizie would be available for preorder on her website? But she only has the silicone version on there and that’s sold out.

MacPherson’s will carry her and they offer free shipping with orders $100+. She reminds me of her sili Summer. Mac’s is saying 21" with full limbs.

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She is really cute! Was considering ordering her but i already have way too many kits waiting on their turn to come to life :slight_smile:


I saw her on Macphersons but they said they didn’t place their orders fast enough and won’t be carrying her. They gave a link to Andrea’s site instead, but as I said earlier, can’t find any info about the vinyl kit on her site.

Here is a direct copy and paste from Macphersons:

Maizie by Adrea Archello

we are very sorry but we did not get our numbers we wanted of Maizie in fast enough and we were told it was too late that we could not purchase any of this kit as they were all sold out to the dealers allotted amounts. We have however set up a direct link for you to purchase them directly from Andrea Arcellos web-site.

You can order your Maizie kit directly from Andrea at the following link:

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Thanks for the info!

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No prob!! I’m just a bit confused 'cause the link that Mac’s posted doesn’t show Maizie listed.