Mail person's question

I just had to share this…I just got home from work, DH has been home the last few days on vacation from work. Well the post person delivered another box from BB…she says to him “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but are you getting ready for a baby?” He said he laughed and told her that no, my wife makes babies…then he realized what he said and corrected himself to say dolls. When I heard this I laughed so hard. Have any of you had this experience? I guess I have it bad!


  I love it .....that is funny! 


Louise, that is funny. Yes, my husband is always telling his buddies that his wife makes babies and that I even bake them in the oven. Lots of laughs we get…

Thats funny.

At one point I had so many BB packages comming home, my mail man kept looking at my stomach each time he delivered a package.
I thought it was very odd, I kept thinking am I gaining weight , is my stomach peeping out .

It was getting to me so much I was telling a friend and she said, maybe he thinks your expecting because the company is Bountiful Baby. She said why don’t you ask, never got the nerve to. Luckily for me we got a different mail man.