Magnify it!

Here’s a question for artists - do you use magnifiers when painting? If so, how often?

I purchased a bright LED lamp to go on my desk and it came with a magnifier. Now and then I remember I have it and I try to see if I can spot those pesky lint crap stuck in the paint or hairs that shed from my paint brushes, but I feel cross-eyed if I use it for too long for more than glance or two, lol!

What are your opinions/experiences?

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You’ll go stark raving mad trying to ‘pick out’ all the tiny little bits of fuzz or whatever, it’s totally annoying!


I also have a very bright LED lamp with a magnifier, but I honestly rarely use it. For me, it helps just having a direct light source on my work.

I got one of LED lamp desk magnifiers recently & I wish I had sooner :weary: I use the magnifier only when rooting however. At first it took some time getting use to looking through the magnifier but now that I use it I can’t root without it. :woman_facepalming:t4: I don’t like to paint through it. The lamp part is so bright and nice so I mostly use it for the lighting.


I just use my floor standing Ott light which has a magnifier on it but I don’t use that. I find it weird to try to paint looking through it.

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I use magnifying glasses with a light for rooting.


I use a magnifying lamp from start to finish…every step of the way

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I use a magnifier that I wear on my head. No looking through lamps. I strap it to my head and then its not so awkward to use. Lol.

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I have one of those… but it bugs me…I can move and adjust my lamp so intends up working better for me


My biggest issue is it makes me hot after an hour or so.

I use one for rooting and painting nails, I also use it to check between each layer for tiny hairs stuck on the vinyl, air dry paint seems to attract them

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I detest shedding brushes and sponges :tired_face: I use my magnifying lamp to root and check over my work. It gets frustrating lol just when I think it’s good enough… I look closer and ugh! I don’t use it for painting but I’m going to try it for nails soon. I can’t imagine being able to see those tiny nails and paint them

I have one and like @Jaclyn1 I use it for rootingand once in a while for nails, but usually just for rooting. It would drive me crazy to use for painting!

Use it all the time!

I use a magnifying lamp for rooting and readers for painting. Probably time to look at getting some bifocals.