I always buy magnets from BB I bought off ebey one timeand they packaged them so bad they actually ripped through the package and got lost in transit all I received was an empty envelope!! And then when I tried to get a refund they said well send back the item and we will refund you!! I was like HOW?? I did get a refund but it was only after opening a case… ANYWAYS sorry about my rant… I was actually wondering if everyone buys there magnets here or where you get them…Thank You so much

I buy from walmart when I can find the small ones. Sometimes I buy at Hobby Lobby.

I buy all of mine from Hobby Lobby.

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I rarely use the magnets, but here is a really good tip from a post on some other forum that I read a while ago: use a flat washer for inside the head and save the strong earth magnet for the pacifier. Take a magnet with you to the hardware store, just to make sure that there is enough of an iron alloy in it for a strong attraction. Then just do as posted, glue the washer in place and use the magnet to hold it in place while it dries. Another benefit is if someone asks for the magnet to be removed, all it means is you don’t send the pacifier! No carckin’ open the little noggins!

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Wow that is a really good idea !! It should be wonderful for the hair bows!!!

I don’t put magnets on my hair bows, just a magnet inside the head… The metal clips that are on the bows will stick to the magnet in the head… I buy magnets at Hobby Lobby and have also found them at Ace Hardware stores… Be sure they are the STRONG magnets and not the bulk cheap ones that are a flat grey color (they are not strong enough)… I will have to try a metal washer inside the head and a pacifier with a magnet… If that works, then there would be no concern about magnet polarity for pacifiers…

Great idea about using the washer inside. I had thought about the washer on the paci but didn’t try it partly because I didn’t know how big it would have to be to attract the magnet. Also like the idea of not having to worry about the magnets attracting each other. If anyone tries the washers and it works, let us know!

I use BB magnets usually. I like the different sizes and the fact they come to me. I usually order more when I place an order for anything else just so I don’t run out. Town is a trip here not just down the street. Walmart is an hour or more each way depending on the ferry traffic. Michaels is at least one and a half hours each way. So online is easier.

I tried the washer on a couple of my babies I found out that if the mouth is not too deep it works great. I have never done magnetic hair bow my fingers are not even close enough to reach the top of these babies heads to insert it where it should be.

EBAY Seller: wowgame2009 They are a FAST international shipper, I got mine in a little over a week. … 4340.l2562

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EBAY Seller: wowgame2009 They are a FAST international shipper, I got mine in a little over a week. … 4340.l2562

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Thank you I just ordered some.

Debora, doing the magnetic hairbows is easy. You don’t need to reach in the head. All you do is squeeze some glue in the head where you want the hairbow (or while the glue is wet glueing the mohair), drop the magnet (or washer if they work!) into the head, take a hairbow or magnet with the side you use for hairbows and place it on the head on the outside, using it to drag the washer or magnet on the inside to the right place. Thten let it dry. I always squeeze more glue around it for a second coat plus I use the e6000 which is thick and cover the sides of the inside magnet. Then I stuff the head as usual. Nothing is going to rub on the inside of the head so the magnet won’t come loose like it might on something like a paci.

And magnets might be better for hairbows since the customer can use any metal hairbow that way without modifing it like Pia said. Most customers seem to want magnets but there are a few that you might have to dig it out for. A long screwdriver used carefully would pry it loose. Hope you try it!

Debora - when I do magnets for hair bows, I clamp a Q-tip to a hemostat and put silicone adhesive on the tip of it, then I put the adhesive on the magnet side that will stick to the head…then on the OUTSIDE of the head, I hold a magnet where I want the bow to be and feed the Qtip with the magnet into the head towards that spot. The outside magnet will attract the one inside the head and then you just leave them alone until the silicone sealant sets… What size magnet did you order? The ones I use inside the head for bows and pacifiers are 12mmx3mm. Inside the pacifier, I use ones that are about half that size.