Magnetic Paci - Have you seen these?

Gina sells those

Thank you! I ordered a couple regular and a preemie. Not that I needed more binkies, LOL, I have a collection.

Yes these are great and curve nicely around the mouth esp. on the preemies. Used one for the Taite sculpt.

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I bought a few of them, and I love how they fit and look.

Not sure how I feel about them now that I have them, the idea of them is super cool, however I find the larger size not suitable for much bigger then preemie really. and I have no clue what I will do with the smaller one, LOL. Well, I do have a Caleb it may fit. I like them, but I wish they came 1 size bigger.

That one in the photo there with Taite looks pretty big to me for a preemie. I would think it would fit fine on a newborn baby.

Yeah - it takes up her entire face :frowning:

Putting it next to a Nuk, they are very close in size, bigger then it looks - in my pic, left to right - Nuk, regular magnetic binkie, preemie magnetic binkie. Maybe it looked smaller cause there was no ninnie on it? Not sure. The preemie is tiny though.

That preemie one is tiny!

Yes, it is, perfect size for the Caleb sculpt, I put it up to him yesterday.

Where ever did you find the preemie one? I like it and would like to get a few…

It is on the website in the OP - they are $4.25 each. I left it in the baggie it came in before I put it in my binkie bucket (like I said, I have a collection, LOL), I am afraid I am going to loose it it is so small.

It’s a “honeybug” paci from Dolls so Real.

Thank You…