Maggie's going home

Cuddle baby Maggie’s on her way home to her new mommy. She’s my 2nd open eyed Maggie, done by request. She has been renamed Skyla.


She is beautiful!

I love her with open eyes :heart:

She is beautiful! I love her coloring.

She is a Sweetie!!

She is so cute

Thank you, everyone. I hope her mommy likes her.

She’s so cute!! I love how you opened her eyes. Her new mommy will love her. :heart_eyes:

So so cute!!

I love your version SO MUCH BETTER than original Maggie!
May I ask how you secured her eyes if she does not have flaps? Can it be done (cutting for eyes) on any kit?

Not all kits are suitable for opening the eyes. Maggie’s eyes are sculpted in a way that she still has eyelids when you cut out the piece that I did. There’s a crease that you can follow. I had to trim some from the inside of the lids to make the eyes sit flush against them. I smoothed the edges with acetone on a q-tip. Putting the eyes in was a little tricky. I used 12 inch hemostats to hold the eye near the lids to see where the glue should go on the eyeball. I put the glue there and then pushed the eye forward until the glue held. I also put 2 strips of Dr. Scholl’s moleskin crosswise across the backs of the eyes, attaching them to the head for added security of keeping them in place.


Thank you!

You might want to read what I wrote again. I put the glue on the eyeball, not the lid. I would have needed 3 hands to do that LOL-one to hold the head, one to hold the eye and one to apply the glue.

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