Maggie...I think she liked her!


Just wanted to post a few pictures of Maggie all finished up. I am so happy that Lyla loved her new baby! This is why I started on this journey, to make her her very own reborn. Now I just can’t stop.


Oh my goodness! Her reaction to the baby has warmed my heart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That face!!! Her expression is priceless! :heart_eyes:


It definitely makes all the time and effort so worth it just to see her little face light up!


Most definitely! :heart:


Oh my! Her reaction is priceless! And you did such a great job on everything!!! I even went to youtube and watch baby nest tutorial.


Thank you. I really was simple to make. You should go ahead and try it. You can do it!


Priceless!! That’s how I got started making for my granddaughters. Lol and now I can’t stop either lolol


I loved her expression when she saw her baby!


Her expression is priceless, did you make the bed ? It’s pretty,




These pictures are great. The expression on her face says it all. She’ll hate this picture when she’s 16. lol


I love your Maggie and I love the picture of your granddaughter taking her out of the box…she obviously loves her very much!


Oh my goodness how adorable


So precious !


Adorable! :heart_eyes:


The look on her face is priceless. Made it all worth it I bet. And yes that’s how I got started by making my granddaughters and still going. Sorry but glad you’ve joined the addicted. Lol


Those are amazing photos, that photo when she first sees her is payment in full, a full heart for both of you!


So sweet!!


She’s beautiful! I love this!