Made another customer angry


I just sold to a woman who not even 2 minutes after I posted a doll for sale bought it. She said she had been waiting for me to post another one, because by the time she got around to messaging me they were gone. In fact she bought the one listed AND one other. Prior to that i had one say she was coming by to buy one and she never now make it very clear NO HOLDS,and FIRST COME,FIRST SERVED.


I just added to my reborns ordering info - first come, first served - first to pay gets reborn.

They can’t say they didn’t know!


Sorry my dear,:smirk: someone will! Some people are ":astonished: SMH lol


Dolls are First Come First Serve like most things in life are. I was selling a desk yesterday and I told people flat out it was FCFS. This lady was all ‘oh I don’t know…it’s a bit of a drive. Let me think on it’ someone goes ‘I’ll be there in 30 minutes with the cash and my truck’ I said sure! First lady got SO ticked off but…they had the money and the means and they got it.


I had someone email me a few times about a doll: is it still for sale, different questions, can I have more photos, can I have photos of her dressed as a boy, etc. After doing everything she asked, she asks for a lower price. She should have asked that first because the answer was no.

Before I got back to her, the baby sold to someone else who had never even sent a message once. Then the first one writes me asking if I had considered reducing the price again before I could respond to her first price reduction request… and I had to say that the baby was sold. She was disappointed but asked if I had others (no) or I’d do a custom (no) which I found odd because she didn’t want to pay the doll’s price yet now wants a custom which most artists charge more for? Sigh.

The lady who did buy her wrote to tell me how thrilled she was. I’m glad she liked her.


Very similar situation here, @bebe… Can I have more photos? Can you dress her as a boy instead? Rate your work on a 1-10 scale. Here is a pic of my current doll, does yours compare? All this and “Not sure. Let me think about it.”

Right after that exchange, someone came along who loved her, had no questions, just wanted to buy. That was it.

Go figure.


I really hate the “could you dress her as a boy” question. That means I have to take the doll out of it’s box and unpack it, then I have to find suitable “boy” outfit, then I have to get my studio lamps set up, and take some photos, and 1/2 a day is gone. Then I cannot properly pack it away until I know how to dress her.
The trick is, when taking original shots, to take a picture of just a head in a neutral color blanket. And if somebody asks send it to them saying, sorry, I am just on my way out and have very busy day, here is the best I have.

Anyway, apparently until less than 100 years ago girls were dressed in Madonna blue and boys in strong pink/reds. Why would doll look like a boy just because it has baby blue outfit?


I had to completely undress my miya/macy set and have my husband hold them for a picture.i know it was for size comparison,but still!!! She bought them them but :smirk:


What about a natural “white onesie”? Not only could that go either way, but it also shows “size and body without clothes” while still hiding the clothe body to not look too dolly.

Just thought of that when you mentioned the blanket thing


If you show pictures in different outfits people will expect to get all the outfits, which is understandable as the photos suppose to show what is offered for sale. They can already see the size and shape of the doll from all the other shots.


I tried the white onesie shot but she still wanted shots in boy clothes, which I did.
She decided she was a girl.