Made another customer angry


Did I earn my trophy yet? :rofl:

Okay, so I finished up a doll that I painted long ago and listed at a good price on reborns. Checked my email, had multiple messages waiting quickly, including one that had many, many questions. She wanted to know about all the flaws, wanted to know how it compared to her current reborn, ect… I explained in detail, offered more pics, but ultimately she decided to take a day and think about it. Okay, fine. In the meantime someone else came along and bought her.

This lady emailed me, said that I’m unprofessional and she is taking me off her list. I asked her if I was supposed to turn away buyers who were completely happy with the baby as she was to give her more time to think. No answer to that.

What is dolly etiquette here? When you are talking to a bunch of people, are you supposed to warn all the others that someone is ready to pay? Or should I add a disclaimer to the first message? Or is this really an issue of you snooze, you lose?


I sold my doll in the middle of a back and forth conversation with an other lady. Things like that happen, the 1st who buy it got it. That is sad for the lady, but there is always a risk when you take your time for buy a thing !

Don’t be worry, she probably don’t even be happy with the doll, as she seem to be picky.


You know, @Bellybutton, I had that exact thought. Since this baby was an earlier one, the detail wasn’t there, so it was priced to sell for sure. Most people see something like this and jump on it, while she was going back and forth about small details, then needed time to think. I feel like she wouldn’t have been happy anyway… which is ironic because I sell dolls double this price to people who are less particular.


First to pay.

Same thing happened with my Owen Francis. 2 people emailing me with questions, 2 commenting on Facebook.
Didn’t see the Facebook comments until I was emailing the buyer. NONE of the 4 who had wrote me got him.
They were sad but understood.


I thought this would be pretty normal. It’s happened before, but the other buyers were more disappointed than angry like this one was. They have to know at that as long as a doll is listed that other people are looking as well…

Now that I’m thinking about it, it really is unreasonable to expect an artist to send all other buyers away so that one person who asked questions had time to think… didn’t realize how crazy that sounded until I typed this out. Lol


I do let my potential customers know when someone else is interested in the same baby. I also tell them I can’t hold a baby without a deposit.
It seems each time I fail to do that, I end up having problems. :smirk:


If I don’t have multiple people interested I will sometimes hold a doll for 24 hrs, depending on the customer and my gut feeling. With this one, I would have had reservations and told her that I couldn’t hold it without a non refundable deposit.


In retrospect I should have said something like that. Next time I will… She never asked me to hold it, just said she wanted to think about it. But I was simultaneously answering the questions of others just like her; it’s just that someone else was less picky and ready to pull the trigger before she did. Honestly if she was this concerned about quality and details, she was looking at the wrong price point. $350 and up would have gotten her exactly what she wanted. I clearly stated that this doll was one of my first, so it wasn’t perfect.


I think it’s pretty normal. If you go to a store to buy something but tell the cashier you have to think about it they’re also free to sell the item to someone else.


You snooze, you lose!

She wasn’t ready to buy; someone else was!

Not your fault.

I would not tell anyone someone else was looking at the reborn - that (to me) is high-pressure sales tactics (even though you don’t mean it that way), but personally, it turns me off when someone says that to me. You have no obligation to tell anyone anything…first come first served. JMO


Sounds like she was just taking her frustrations out on you. Don’t hold babies. Make it a policy. Know your policies and stick to them! You can’t please all of the people all of the time. Do your best and take her crazy personality with a grain of salt.


I was actually just thinking about that @deedee2413. Thought about how I went to Radio Shack on Black Friday a few years ago. They had ONE tablet that that special price in the whole store. I was first and got it, but what would have happened if I told the cashier I wanted to stand on the side and think about it first? That thing would have been sold in seconds.

I also thought the point that @Simone made. Had I informed her that there was a queue forming for this doll, perhaps I would have pushed her into pulling the trigger. Then maybe she would have gotten the baby and been disappointed because she wasn’t exactly what she wanted.

Overall, I’m thinking that this is almost a no-win situation. I may stick something in my listing, but people don’t read so I don’t know how much it will help. Lol


First to pay wins.These people come back wanting you to feel guilty that you sold it.Happened with my Landon,I just sold on Ebay.


I always tell a potential customer that there are other people interested and that if they pay for the baby it is theres . That way either they say oh I want it or they are aware it could be sold to someone else.:baby:


That is why i like eBay; people know that unless they hit the BUY button anybody can snatch it.
Actually, when people say they want to think, they actually mean they will keep looking if they find something they like better or that is cheaper.

I would not care if this lady “took me off her list”, actually, I think I would put her on my black list. She sounds like the sort of person who always has to blame somebody else for anything that does not go right in her life.


These things happen…

You see an Ashley head for sale, put it in your cart, and shop around to make best use of the flat rate shipping… By the time you are ready to check out she has been snatched from your cart.

When they had that sale with the half off seconds realborns…? I waited till morning because it was very late and I didn’t wanna go on a shopping spree I couldn’t afford in a groggy half asleep panic…
By morning they were gone. (I so regret this)

We have all been bid sniped on e-bay… My daughter’s hatchimal vanished from my cart on Cyber Monday…

Basically this is not you,this is how internet shopping works and anyone who shops the internet should know this.


Ditto. First to pay


First to pay. I let people know, when I can, that there is someone else very interested, so they will hopefully make up their minds. I find that a lot of people seem really interested and are about to pay but then either disappear or can’t decide while someone comes along and wants to pay now and then does.


She was probably planning on reselling it for more. That would explain her anger and not being able to buy it.


Glad she didn’t get a chance to do that. She wasn’t worth any more than what I sold her for since I painted her when I was new to reborning. Somebody would have gotten ripped off.