Maddy by Jannie de Lange FOR SALE (lots of pics)


Maddy by Jannie de Lange weighs about 11 lbs, wears a 12mo, and some 18 mo depending on designer
He has German glass blue grey eyes, finely rooted silky prem mohair and applied human hair eyelashes
He has full limbs (legs are Arianna Schick full legs) and a custom made body, designed by me. They are filled with new fiberfill and tiny glass beads, no sand
Chanelle has been painted with LDC air dry paint, and has 2 coats of artist grade matte varnish
He will come home with 3 NWT outfits, )new leather shoes, new tights and socks , a soft stuffed toy and a birth certificate (can add a magnetic pacifier on request)
1500.00 shipped in USA, 1575.00 shipped international ….Layaway available for qualified buyers, pm any questions please


He’s adorable and his hair is BEAUTIFUL!!


He is so beautiful! Looks just like a little mischievous boy! :slight_smile: How did you do that curly hair? I guess you probably had curly mohair. Was it hard to root? That is the kind of hair I hope to achieve someday. Really a great job!


thank you ladies!! I use wavy not curly mohair and texture it, the way I cut it, so goes naturally into little ringlets
you also can cut a drinking straw in pieces, dampen your dolls mohair and wrap little pieces around the straw. That works well too


Thank you so much for those tips!


Your toddlers are SO DARN ADORABLE!


Incredible, so incredibly cute!


thank you ladies xx