Maddie Brown Pic heavy :)

Finally finished Maddie today! She leaves for North Carolina in the morning :heart:


I :heart: her!!! She is wanting to give me a hug in the 4th pic!!!

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She’s adorable. :blush:

She will be near me :heart: she is beautiful! Still working on mine lol

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I like the lip’s color and her hair!

I love her so much! :heart_eyes:

Awww! Hi pretty girl! I love her bright eyes! Excellent brows that girl has :two_hearts:

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So beautiful! You did a marvelous job on her rooting too!

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I love that little butterfly romper.

What a happy little girl! So precious!!!

Great job! This little face just makes me smile.

Adorable!! I want to hug her!! :heart_eyes:

She is an adorable cutie pie!

So cute! I love her eyes. :heart: