Macrobaby reborn maternity? Scam? Pls help


Mine was $325, plus shipping for a total of $360. This was a painted hair baby.


Mine had shipping added of $25 as well


They don’t want rooted hair? Is that correct?


They have bought 1 rooted and 4 painted/sponged hair from me


I hope they keep the hair nice… :grimacing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was short and mono rooted :wink:


Perfect!!! Lololol I expected nothing less! :+1:t2::kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss:


I do know one person they paid a high dollar amount for her doll. They also bought several from her at once. I can’t disclose who or how much because I am not sure this lady would want that known.

They still have yet to email me back after I replied to their email last week. They wanted a reply, and I gave them one. The least they could do would be acknowledge they received it.


They’ll get back to you, they’ve been a bit overwhelmed. When they got back to me there was only one lady handling the emails and buying, not sure if they’ve added any more help now that this has grown so much.



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Yea I know they’ve been swamped … but I still find it rude and a poor business practice to not reply to a message they started lol. I know I can’t make 10 dolls a month. Their best bet may be to buy from or even Ebay.


I don’t really have a problem with what they’re doing------what I find strange is: I understand they pay pretty good money for a baby and then turn around and sell it for triple the price------OK----What in the Heck is Wrong With People??? Why would they buy a baby from them for so much money when they can get them online All Day Long for a fraction of the price!!! And even if they don’t know anything (or much) about reborns, go online and check them out first, they might be pleasantly surprised to realize they can buy them themselves for a lot less!! Just saying!!


The same people who pay 600 for an ugly factory doll when cheaper well made Reborns are available. I almost bought a cheaper Ashton Drake silicone doll when I can wait and buy a nicer blank kit. I’m OK with a cloth body and will save for a full silicone. I wish there was a cheaper way to try these dolls out. Like smaller ones?


I wonder how many they actually sell. They may just be building up stock thinking they are going to sell fast. But in reality, they may just sit on their shelves forever. I wonder if there’s someone on this forum who lives in that area and could periodically check it out and let us know what’s going on there.


Didn’t realize how much was going on with their reborn maternity…they offer virtual adoption by appointment - baby is shipped to you…they are also offering to have an artist work from a photo you provide, takes up to 6 weeks to complete and they’re even looking for partners who may want to open up their own doll maternity.


@Theara try this site. You can find an 11 1/2 inch baby for about $600.00 and she does layaway. I got one on sale during Christmas last year. The baby is a little rough around the edges but they are made well enough for you to decide if you like silicone or not. She also has very tiny ones she calls seedlings which are 2, 4, and 6 inches under $100.00.


Thank you! How long were the payments?


Up to twelve months.


I’m going to look now. That’s really great for someone who can’t afford all at once.