Macrobaby reborn maternity? Scam? Pls help


The number 1 rule if suing somebody is to sue the one with the money. Anyway, if they buy “art doll” and then re-sell it to kids, they are the ones responsible.


There are strict laws about you safety when marketed to children and it does not look as if this company is concerned about these things. It definitely could be a major lawsuit. Children could choke on the eyes. Chewing on the fingers and choking on glass beads. Lots of issues here.


Yes they should have did their research


There needs to be a contractual agreement between the artist and this company to clear up a lot of things. There are some real problems that could come up if collector dolls go to children and that looks to be their target demographic. If they are going to sell to children, they need to accept responsibility for doing so. As an example, if they bought one of mine I’d never send a magnetic pacifier or hair ornament with it. I have no idea who it would end up with and if they make sure there are strict warnings to keep anything with a magnet away from children and pets. I see no reason people shouldn’t sell to them but I also see no reason we should be responsible in any way for what happens after we do. And that would be a good thing to have in writing!
Also, if they buy a doll from someone, I see no reason to send anything with it. If they sell the baby, I’m sure their store is full of things they want to sell to go with it. They are not going to keep it packaged as a box opening and I’m not going to help them stock their store.
I don’t think they are all bad. There is a real market out there for reborns for children. Maybe they will give the ones that harass us on Ebay and another source for their pleas and we’ll get a break. The experience for a child looks fun and I can see that being something positive. It reminds me a little of the American Doll store and how much fun children have going there. If nothing else, maybe their prices will send people our way to buy from the actual artist for less?
I just wish it looked like they knew more about what they are selling and not so much like they are just in it for the money!


Interesting, Idea, wondering if you make the 10 monthly, but as a budget baby… It won’t be what they are expecting. Therefore, they probably won’t be able to mark it up as high. Everyone else do the same thing and it would sort of shut them out. Make it 10 a month quality. They are trying to mass market a one of a kind art item and the only ones that benefits is them. If they want mass market… Give them a mass market doll. Alongside, the doll possibly label it as made for macrobaby. It would be like martha stewart for Kmart… Along those lines.


That’s the only way I could ever do 10 a month, but it sure would help me clean out my stash of kits. Three or four months of crazy and I’d be in good shape with lots more room in my doll closet! LOL


Mass market art. This never goes well. Honestly I’m getting out of reborns in a year or so. I’ve been watching the market for them for years since even before I made them.
They are downgraded to a craft now. Everyone thinks they can make them and make big money. Its just a craft now. No longer seen as the art that a nicely crafted reborn doll is.
Its sickening to me. And this store is not helping.


Macrobaby just bought my baby. At full price. No haggling or drama. Just paid. Yay!!! :joy:


I feel left out! Where are they buying from? Haha


For them to ask for 10 a month seems like they are totally ignorant of the labor involved I think if they do get the high quality they are expecting it will just fuel the fire. I don’t want anyone to lower their standards or harm their reputation, would like to distinguish the couple dolls a month vs ten. If you want the quality, customers will have to come back to the original artist. I don’t think there’s a happy medium, sorry to say.


They just bought mine off of reborns. They never contacted me, just paid full price… Which is great. I tend to spend a lot of time emailing back and forth with buyers.


So far it seems to be dolls shows and I haven’t been contacted either. I think my dolls are too high priced for them. :joy:


There were about 10 adopted in the last hour from there if I had to guess I would say they bought all 10.


The only one I had listed was one of those last 10 adopted. (Affordababy June.) She was adopted by a real person. :slight_smile:


What price dolls are they buying from all you who they’ve bought from?


Good question! I was wondering that too. Do they have a certain range they stick to?


That s what I was wondering! :thinking:


Yep, we could work this to our advantage if we knew. List in their price range if we want to sell to them and list over their price range if we don’t!


For me they have ranged from $175 - $350


Mine is priced at $375 plus shipping if that helps. To my knowledge, they have not even looked at him or the other one I had available that was a tad cheaper. Someone else adopted her. Both were listed on reborns. Both were realborns with painted hair.