Macrobaby reborn maternity? Scam? Pls help


Exactly! Yeah sorry, we are artists, not factories. That’s why our dolls come out the way they do, because they take time, care, and individualization. Feel free to buy what I have, but I can’t mass produce them.


They also bought 4 from me and inquired about more. I explained that this is my part time business. I don’t mind if they buy from me.


10 a month? Wow. That is insane. Even if I could crank out that many, which I most definitely can not (max is about 3), it would take all of the fun out of it, so I wouldn’t commit myself to anything crazy.

I remember taking too many orders in close proximity last year and was miserable. I didn’t want to paint for like weeks after that. Hahaa. So maybe it’s good they don’t call me. I don’t have much to sell them anyway as they usually sell too fast for me to have more than one at a time… If they did buy one, they are not getting a discount. Lol


I think that is quite rude of them to ask you to offer a discount. The more you paint, the harder you are working, and your work still has the same value, so why would someone discount for them when they are going to sell your work for at least three times what they pay for it?


They did contact me too via email. I responded but they have yet to reply back to me. I don’t mind if they buy basic babies from me like they did Jenni. But I’m not going to promise so many a month. I don’t have time for that lol.

I went to their store in Orlando with a friend just to check it out. It’s not a scam… they just need to make some changes on how they do things lol. They can’t expect people to crank out 10 dolls a month and get quality work.


I agree, rude!
If they ever want to buy one of mine, it has my name on the bumm as do all my babies. So they would have to change out the body to get rid of that.


I could crank out 10 a month. Bald esp.
wash up the kit. Slap a couple of flesh layers on it mottling blushing a few creases where it counts varnish done lol :crazy_face::grimacing::joy::joy::joy:


My point exactly lol


Amen! :hugs:


There is a lady on Ebay that has beat you to this. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Sad LOL… really lol


Well darn it!! Lol! :joy:


I don’t even think I could do that with a child’s doll because it’s my work that I care about :grin:


I have an artist reborn on facebook who says she paints 6 babies in 6 to 8 days, maybe you need someone like that. It takes me a month to paint a single baby hahahaha


I’m still baffled on how they can sell some of those barely painted dolls, as seen in the video, for $99 to several thousands of dollars. Do people in that area have a lot of money to spend on dolls for their children (most of which don’t look like real reborns or very realistic)??


Looks like Debra meet with them and shared some insight


In my opinion, I don’t see anything really wrong with what they are doing :confused: But that’s just me. I guess I think of it as, if you got what you wanted for selling your doll to them, they could do anything they wanted with it EXCEPT try to turn around and sell it saying they painted it and they are the artist. I don’t think they are trying to do that. It looks as if they are trying to offer “better” dolls to children and use them to market the rest of their store. I mean, we really cannot control what people do with the dolls they buy from us :frowning: We always say, they are not for children but for adult collectors, but I guarantee that many customers of ours give them to their grandkids, and children. Once that doll is paid for, its the end of the line for the artist. We cannot go on to tell them what they can or cannot do with our dolls. Just my thoughts, which don’t really amount to much haha!


I agree with you. We’d all like our babies to be treasured but in actuality some of them will be play dolls.


While I can understand them running a business, I feel a bit weird about them saying ‘we didn’t know’ about both babyclon and the Chinese knockoffs. I get the impression that they have no idea about reborns and just do whatever. They should do more research into their product.

I also think they should inform artists beforehand about what they’re going to do with their doll. Just as a courtesy.


One major concern is child safety. Reborns are not play dolls for young children. If something happens are these people going to take the liability or will they pass it to the artist. Or will both be charged.