Macrobaby reborn maternity? Scam? Pls help


Has anyone ever heard of Macrobaby reborn? I had a bulk order placed and the delivery address was shipping to their warehouse. They apparently buy in bulk from other artists, macrobaby then sell these babies as their own for thousands more at their stores. No credit to the original artists.
Is this legal? I was just made aware of this by another artist who is going through the same thing from them. I have already spent hundreds out of pocket on kits and supplies. I can’t even afford to cancel them and refund. I just don’t think it’s right. I’d love to be acknowledged for all the hard work I have put into these so far. Any ideas on what I should do? If I write to them they do not answer. I kindly comment and they will delete it.


@colee1970 thoughts?


Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but you priced your babies and they bought them right? If so I don’t really understand what’s bad about that.


They have a maternity inside their retail store in Orlando.
They bought 3 reborns from me at the ROSE doll show and resold/reselling them. I have seen mine in some of the videos and pics on facebook about the store.

They just bought 2 more from me. I am sending them and have emailed them.

I know they are marking them up but would rather they buy from us than from China… which they also did but I hope with all the negative comments they got from reborn artist and collectors that they change that.

I know they have contact some artists asking how many they can make a month etc. But for me they bought already made ones.


No that’s not bad at all. What you buy becomes your property… but it just feels wrong for something handmade. To take credit and give none… that’s ALOT of work they are getting to be taking all the credit.


In an email yesterday they did say they send on the COA and certificates that come with the baby when they buy it.


I am not sure but if they send the paperwork stuff along with the coa that has my info on it.


Sign the body. Then the new customer will know who made them.


I paint around 20 hours a week and fully understand the concept of running a business. Contact me Macrobaby! :grin:

Edited to add: I know that some people don’t like it and I respect that, but personally I see nothing but positives. They will buy multiple babies at a time. There wouldn’t be a bunch of going back and forth with buyers, messages because someone’s child pulled off a limb. No con artists buying then contacting PayPal to get a refund. My love is for painting, not drama so this would be fantastic for me.

Serious question: How will everyone feel when they stop buying from independent artists and get their work done from a factory somewhere else?


I agree with you I would sell to them in a heartbeat, At least you know what they do with them… I have seen someone buy a reborn and then set it on fire for a youtube video and I would much rather see my work go to a store that will make sure they go to moms/kids that will take care of them.


I remember that. It was so horrible that I just could not even watch it. The artist was so upset and I don’t blame her. I would be too! Does she even reborn anymore? I haven’t seen her around since that.

Whenever I have gotten disgusted and not felt like painting, it has always been because of difficult customers. They suck the life right on out of me. Remove that and I am happy. I love making these babies.

One more thing to consider with this company is they could be good advertising for us. LOTS of people have never heard of reborns. Some will ultimately head to the internet and find the sites where we sell, like reborns for instance, and will stumble a treasure trove of dolls made by independent artists. Now where do you think some of these people will buy from? We will be cheaper.


She does still paint but had a lot of family issues going on the past 12 months or so, She is still around but not online as often.


They contacted me as well but I can paint many a month I have too many kids lol.


You too?? I’m starting to feel like the woman who sees everyone around her getting asked on dates, but she’s home every Friday night. :joy::joy::joy:

Where did they contact you and what did they want you do exactly?


Yes they did- they asked me though
They asked me if I can make 10 dolls a month and if not then how many dolls can I make and can I give a discount. I told them I cannot make ten a month I could make maybe 3. Then they sent me another message asking the same question again even though I already answered them.


10 a month? WOW! that is 2 a week! Not hardly!


Insane right?


They also said they rather have bald or painted hair then rooted.


So…they expect you to mass produce so they can mass sell. They really don’t have a clue what reborning involves :roll_eyes:


Wow, talking about pressure.