Macpherson question


I just placed an order and used my paypal account and totally forgot to change my primary address on there. does anyone know if macpherson uses the address on your macphersons account or your paypal account? I’m scared it might get shipped to my old address.


They ship to the address you have on your Macpherson’s account and NOT PayPal. I found this out the hard way (even though they say that on the website I never noticed it before). So my order got shipped to my old address and I had to ask a neighbor to pick it up off my old front porch. It was a scary moment - seeing the tracking said the package was delivered but I knew I didnt receive it. Once I realized where it went i had to act fast before it went missing.


@Sony72 I was worried because my old address is in a totally different state. thank you!


I did as well; however, I did update it but must didn’t change in their system right away. I had to go all the way to the my old address. Glad they gave the package although they had opened it .


I would just contact them and confirm which address you want them to ship to. They should get back to you quickly.


Mcpherson’s used to be very slow to respond; if you do not hear, your best option would be is to contact your old PO, explain the situation and ask them to hold the parcel (if it arrives there) and then pay for it to be redirected to your new address. And update your PP address.