Mackenzie WIP

I started to work on my own Mackenzie she is in WIP state. Here are some quick pics of her.

She is looking great Love your sculpt, can’t buy but love it
hubby got laid off last week and now my dolly world has come to a screeching hult

Annie she is adorable. I am so happy for you and Mackenzie.

NormaJean so so sorry hubby was laid off. How are you doing so far?
Is there anything we on BB can help you with?

Looking great!


gee annie, i thought you reborned the sculpt one? but anyway, she’s adorable. i love her. and looking forward to getting mine for christmas. yea!!!. will contact you on that. she really is lovely but i can’t wait to see your next sculpt. have a wonderful day!!! vesta

Thank you all for liking the kit. I really enjoy rooting the hair into the viynl its so nice and soft to work with. I remember the old days with those hard heads, LOL

In a few weeks her prototype will be done by a very special artist…Kimberly. I really need and want to finish painting mine in the midst of our daily lives

Thank you, I’ll be posting her blank vinyl kit in what she looks like unpainted, I didn’t post it yet as the vinyl was a little on the dark side, she’ll be much lighter.

Hugs to everyone XoXoXoXo