Macey -- ADOPTED


This is the 2nd time I’ve reborned this kit and I just love the detail on those little hands and feet, she seems so delicate :heart: Having fun with my new camera, can you tell? :wink:


Oh Karen she is so sweet!!


Thank you, Katie :heart: She’s just been adopted :blush:




Already adopted? That went fast!
I’m not surprised though, she looks lovely!


Congrats on your sale!! She’s gorgeous!! Great photos. :blush:


Thanks everyone ~ she’s a repeat customer. I totally love that woman :blush:


Congrats on your sale. Is this going to be the next PG? Sounds like you are partial to this sculpt.:heart_eyes_cat:


Congrats on the sale!! She’s lovely :sparkling_heart: And the pics are great too!!


She is beautiful Karen!


Noooo…PG is still my fave :heart:




Such a cutie :heart_eyes:


She is very sweet. Your pictures with the new camera are clearer and your poses are really great.


She is so precious!! :heart::heart:


Thank you, V! I have a time with pictures, as you know, and while this new camera is still a point and shoot, it feels like it takes better pictures, so I’m glad you said that :blush: I probably need to take a class but heck, who has time? I’m always painting. :roll_eyes:


I can relate. I find my canon rebel takes very detailed pictures but sometimes a softer look is what I want. So I keep my older cameras just in case. I need a class also, it would make things easier. I don’t look forward to the photo shoot at all because I struggle immensely with it. If I were you I would’t change a thing. Your babies are selling very well.


Thank you, V! :blush: