Lyla is ready to paint her 2nd baby!


Lyla decided today she wanted to paint another baby. She picked one out and is getting her bathed and ready.


Good luck with you project, Lyla! You are a great reborn artist!
Pam, did you tell Lyla tat this hobby is so addictive?! :rofl:


Lyla is the one who got me interested in trying to paint one. And then I was hooked. I think she can tell how addictive it is just by looking around the house! :smile:


Can’t wait to see her completed baby!


Does anyone else see the heart shaped bubble right around where the heart would be on the baby? That means this one is going to turn out amazing! It must be so much fun to share your hobby with your daughter :heart:


Oh WOW! You are so observant (beside perfect sence of humor)! I look at the picture again, after you said that, and it literally melt my heart :slight_smile:


I didn’t even notice that before! It makes the picture even sweeter. I will have to look back at the picture I took of Lyla washing the baby and see if it is in that picture. I didn’t share that one because she wasn’t wearing her shirt…again lol only her shorts and sports bra. And by the way Lyla is my granddaughter. I do get to share this hobby with my daughter too though. @hyelah1990 is my daughter!