LTR warren

Anyone get any further updates on the warren kit. Mid may has come and gone and I would really like the kit. But need an update and nothing since last month.

Where is this Warren from? I see some, but I am sure there must be one that is still not out yet?

It was pre order from laura tuzio Ross. Was supposed to be out end of April early May. Then mid may. Now no more updates.

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I gotcha. Frustrating.

This is an uncertain time regarding production and shipments. The kits could be on a barge somewhere in the middle of the ocean waiting for staff to unload. Or they could be in a factory slowly being packaged or they could be in one of our harbors waiting for enough people to come back to work to unload and ship to the businesses that are waiting for them.


I preordered as well, it was supposed to be today, now its june

Everything’s super slow right now. My order from Karman Dolls that shipped on March 18th still isn’t here yet.

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I am waiting on him too. His page says expected to ship beginning of June

I hope so. But now I don’t know when I will get to paint him.