LouLou #563- pic heavy! My 35th baby

LouLou is here- I had so much fun taking pictures of her :two_hearts:


Absolutely gorgeous, as always! :star_struck: My favorite LouLou I’ve seen. Now i want to do one of this kit! LOL

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Thank you so much!!! What a wonderful compliment! I am wishing I had bought more than one :blush:

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Beautiful !!!

She is so pretty. I especially like how you painted her back hairline and the little crochet outfit- did you make that?

Thank you so much! I actually found it on eBay. It’s vintage but I’m not sure how old!

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It is perfect for her! I love dressing babies in my personal collection in antique/vintage baby clothes.

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So so adorable!!

She’s gorgeous and is going to make someone very happy. :slight_smile:

She’s adorable!!

I still cannot get over how gorgeous she is! You are an amazing artist!

Thank you :two_hearts:

Me too! I am going to let go of this one with her but I will miss it!

I wish it was me :sweat_smile:

Thank you!!!

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Ahh, thank you so much, friend :two_hearts: I wish I had your photography skills!

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She is absolutely gorgeous!

Amazing baby!

Beautiful! I wish I had bought a few of this kit before it sold out :sob: I only got to make one and I wanted one for myself then
…and even more now :joy::heart_eyes: Amazing job and these pics are so cute you will have no problem selling her :heart: wish I could paint hair like you!

Thank you so much! I would have so bought a few more. It was a big edition so i thought it would last longer! The hair painting has been lots of trial and error. I am just now to the point where I don’t constantly have to wipe off paint and redo.
My two painted hair girls :two_hearts: (Jaycee is my keeper)