Lots of kits......updated~more kits added~

I have way too many kits and need to down size…just a little. If anyone is intersted let me know before they go to ebay. All prices include shipping in the US. If you don’t recognise some these kits here is great place to see them. You can look them up by Artist. http://rebornkits.canalblog.com/
1.)“Amelie” by Joanna Gomes w/signed body and COA #47/250 $75
2.)“Newborn Wonder” by Joanna Gomes w/COA #230/500 $65
3.)“Lara” by Eva Wakolbinger $55
4.)“Abigail” by Olivia Stone w/COA #103/200 $65
5.)“Baja” by Elisa Marx…1/4 arms and 3/4 legs… hard to find $55
6.)“Paisley” by Denise Pratt (head only, 1st quality) $10
7.)“Colette” by Elisa Marx w/COA #206/500 and body $75
8.)“Brian” by Sebilla Bos w/body $75
9.)“Piper” by Cindy Musgrove w/body and COA #234 $80
10.)“Aspen Rose” by Michelle Fagan $70
11.)“Vaile” by Michelle Fagan $70
12.)“Jackie” by Didy Jacobsen w/body $60
13.)“Francesca” by Fiorenza Biancheri w/COA #52/300 $50
14.)“Vanessa” by Adrie Stoete w/body $60
Bountiful Baby Kits…
“Robin” by Michelle Fagan (pink) $30
"Tanner" by Tasha Edenholm (pink) $30
"Avery" by Denise Pratt (peach) $35
"Avery" by Denise Pratt (peach) $35
"Aubrey" by Denise Pratt (HEAD ONLY) (peach) $10

…I will be posting more later when I get a chance.

Pm me if you are interested.

I PM’d you on RA. I would like WTB is you still have her. Thanks, Shuree!

More kits added. Pm if interested.