Lots of kits and kit parts for sale


I’m trying to bring my dream baby home and I have just a little left to pay so I’m now down to the wire trying to sell as much as fast as possible so that I can bring her home! I have the following things for sale, I just had leg surgery a few days ago so before you buy please note that it may take me a few days to get it packed up and shipped so buy with patience.

I have the following kits for sale with coa, some need stripping and some haven’t been touched.
Aria by Toby Morgan. 40 plus ship
Realborn jaxson sleeping. First quality 40 plus ship
Twin b by Bonnie brown needs stripping 40 plus shipping.
Truly by sherry rawn, painted some on head, you can either strip and restart or continue what I have done. 60 plus shipping. Includes coa
Kaelin painted kit, 100 shipped, fully painted by ravens Nest Nursery.
I have an extra Levi coa and an extra twin a coa that I can sell for 20 shipped each.
Bean belly plate partially painted 20 shipped.
One ounce of forked needles, 10 plus shipping.
I have a kai by Nichole Russell I am still on the fence on selling. Make me an offer.
Maylin by Olga auer I paid 130 for her I believe. She’s new in bag, 100 shipped.
I may have more. This is just what I have gone through so far. I can provide pics if needed.


Does Twin B come with the belly plate and COA?


Interested in Aria and the needles. What guage are they? I would also like to see pics of twin B if @DancesWithDolls passes.
How much to ship to 35474? Thanks


Is Levi with the coa?


I’m interested in Aria if available


I will look and let you know :slight_smile: sorry I’m moving slow due to having leg surgery recently. Shipping to that address would be 19 :slight_smile:


Aria is available. I will look for her and send you pics when I find her. Everything is kind of boxed up atm I’ll let you know by tomorrow :slight_smile:


It’s fine, hope you recover quickly. And thanks, is that shipping for the two kits (Aria and twin B) and the needles? If so, let me know I will send paypal for invoice.


Yes twin b has belly and coa


I would like to see Kailyn :grinning:


Can you post a pic? When you get a chance. I dont know if my pm from earlier went through. Thanks


I’ll take twin b!


Not sure if you have been getting my PMs either. Please just let me know either way. Thanks.


Ok sounds good :blush:


Would like twin B if the others pass!!


Great thank you, can you check on shipping cost to 93003 when you get a moment.


My bad @DancesWithDolls, I didn’t know you were still in line. She just sent me the price for shipping and I assumed it was including twin b. If you change your mind for any reason let me know please. @Ravensnestnursery could you check shipping for just the Aria kit and the needles please? (As long as @DancesWithDolls doesn’t change her mind about twin b) 35474, thanks.


No worries, I know sometime these threads can get all jumbled. I’m just waiting for shipping cost info. If for some reason I change my mind I’ll post to let the next in line know.


Yes I think I am getting everyone’s messages, it’s just all very jumbled up lol I’m sorry everyone! I will figure it all out and let everyone know. I’m still fairly new to this forum so it’s still a little bit confusing ! Thank you for bareing with me :slight_smile:


Thanks to both of you. It is definitely jumbled and confusing lol. I’m still trying to figure the forum all out myself.