Looking to trade LE kit

I am looking to trade my limited edition Frida kit for a twin a or b, a Cassie Brace sculpt, or something else similar in value. ($99 original price) Let me know what you have! Frida by Lorraine Yophi #144/800 eta her vinyl is very nice and soft!


I will also sell her for $99 with free US shipping :slight_smile:

Never seen this one before! Looks so chubby and cute! I don’t have any kits of equal value (not blank) I have a completed tink.
Best of luck on your trade or sale❤️

Thanks- so far no interest. I definitely don’t mind keeping her and painting her. I can see her looking super freshly newborn with the right coloring. I will probably end up saving her for a rainy day :slightly_smiling_face: