Looking for Vintage baby dresses


I know there are few people that sew baby dresses. Does anyone have any for sale? Or do you have a site that you sell from? I am looking for a pale baby blue dress with bloomers and a bonnet for a Vintage 17’ (preemie to newborn size) Baby Dear Doll. Factory made dresses will do too. Thanks!!

Before and After pics


I get mine from @Nanasherry. She does a fantastic job… I also think @izzy had some for sale a bit ago, but I’m not sure of the sizes. Perhaps something cold be altered?


If you can send me pictures of what you like I might be able to make something for you.


Dolls So Real sells Petit Ami preemie dresses.


Etsy and Baby Prem are good sources.


Thanks @DollyPardon for the info.
Yes @Nanasherry I will find a pic, thank you! Be back when I find one.
I’ll look at DSR @Sony72 thanks.
@jeanhai I looked on Etsy and did not see one I liked. I’ll go look at Baby Prem, Thanks!


I was looking all over and decided to find your dresses, lol! I like all of them.

babydressnanas4 babydressnana3

I’d like it in Plain Baby Blue, Cotton. No embroidery on front unless you can write out Pearl or have a Pearl in a Clam or something as that is the baby’s name.

Sending you a PM.

Here is a pic of how the body looks.


If you are looking for true used vintage dresses or clothes, I’ve bought quite a few on etsy. Just look up vintage baby dresses (or clothes). A bunch will come up. A lot of good quality ‘true’ vintage clothing can be found.


For example; I found this dolls whole outfit on etsy (all from the 1940’s or 1920’s cant remember for sure). Got them from different sellers, but I think the fact that the clothing was ‘true vintage’, made the whole look and vibe perfect. Especially, because it was a ‘ghost’ baby.


@MoonlitNightNursery Love love love your babies! Thanks I will look on Etsy again! That Bear is cute too!


Thank you so much @Nanasherry for helping me to create a special memory with your awesome sewing skills. First pic by Nanasherry

Trying to make pic look vintage ish, lol

In her new Sleep Sack.

Thank you to everyone for your help especially @robyn for bringing up the topic.

@CindyLouWho @Countrycradlereborns @pia @marrabo @lastingmemories @DollyPardon @micholc
@MaryJane maybe she needs a friend, lol :thinking:


That’s a beautiful outfit!! She looks gorgeous in it too. So happy that it’s all coming together for you. :blush:


That’s a beautiful dress. She looks adorable now, @Anne!


Thank you!
She had on a wig but my Hubby hated it, lol. Also got her disappearing milk bottle today. Now she is complete.


Oh my goodness she is so cute. I’m so happy that everything fits and you like it.


Simply gorgeous !


I love it @Nanasherry your work is beautiful!
Thanks again everyone!


Thank you! I have a new style coming out soon. Here is a sneak peek ( not finished yet)


Love this simple, classic style, @Nanasherry!


Is that the same size as the blue one you made me? @Nanasherry