Looking for Leontyne by Danielle Zweers kit

Good evening! I hope I wrote in the right section, I’m looking for Leontyne by Danielle Zweers in Europe. I saw MacPherson has the kit, but it’s in Australia and I live in Italy, I can’t even imagine how much would it cost the shipping…! I can’t find this kit anywhere else :frowning:

@MacPhersonCrafts is in Canada

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OMG why did I think it was in Australia? ._.
Thank you! But I think the shipping cost will be expensive as well…

Shipping is free for orders more than 100$

That’s for US and Canada…not the rest of the world. :confused:

Oh yes, forgot. :persevere:

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Could you order from tinker bell creations? They are UK based and may have cheaper shipping?

Sometimes shipping to Europe is free on orders $250 usd or higher . Look it up . I sent my sister two
Kits this way to Transylvania ( Romania )