Looking for cheaper practice kits


Hi, I have not been reborning very long and I’m in need of more practice I usually buy second kit but there are not to many listed lately. If anyone has any discounted or seconds kits for a nice price please let me know thank you :slight_smile:


FYI, there are practice parts that are only $1.99. They are great for practicing without spending a lot of money.


yes how ever I have already done practice limbs I want more practice on the whole baby to get more experience.


I have several that I know I’ll never paint. I swiped the photos from online cause I don’t want to unbox kits right now. Let me know if you’re interested, I can give you a really good price for the lot.
BB Olive

BB Kameko

Sweet Pea Awake (w/body #5918)

Chase by Cheryl Webber
Zion by Cheryl Webber
Faith by Dorothy Moon (not pictured but comes with non-gender belly plate)


Oh, I understand now.


Hey @DancesWithDolls , if @lifesblessings passes on the lot I may be interested in the closed eyed kits if you are willing to split them up.


Yep, they’re yours if @lifesblessings doesn’t respond or doesn’t want them. I want to give her at least 24hrs to respond though. I posted last night around 11 I guess so I’ll give her until that time tonight.


Sounds good :+1:


If you split them, I’d like a price in the open eyed kits.


I am thinking about Zion if you split them up.


Sent you a PM. Just have a few questions, whenever you get a min.


Chase and Faith are no longer available. Open eyed kits; Olive, Zion and Sweet Pea are still up for grabs in order of who inquired first @Pcrank56 then @Anne


I’m going to pass. Thank you tho. :two_hearts:


Sending PM


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


How much?