Looking for Ashley Awake


Hi everyone! I fell in love with this realborn Ashley Awake (by haleysrebornbabies on IG) but this particular one already sold, and the artist doesn’t take customs.

I have a full-body, ultra soft vinyl Mical by Bonnie Sieben that I’d like to offer for trade. He’s wonderful, but I need something smaller and heavier, lol. He’s stuffed but not weighted.

Does anyone have an Ashley, or a similar-looking doll of that size? And would anyone like to buy or trade my Mical?

Thanks!! Have a good evening.


I have 2 Ashleys for sale on reborns.com under my nursery name Barefeet Baby Boutique. One is blonde and blue eye and the other is brown and brown eyed both are rooted hair.


Thanks for the pics! I think I’d prefer painted hair for now, but your babies are beautiful :blush:


I have an Ashley Awake with painted hair for sale on reborns https://www.reborns.com/item/64218/10