Looking for a pixie kit

Anyone have a Pixie kit by Bonnie Brown??? I know it’s a long shot! I have one baby but want another.

I still have mine.

A kit? Would you sell it.

Let me know

Anybody have her?

Nobody !?

Rest I sent you a pm.

Teresa I replied to your pm!

I think I have a Pixie kit. If you are in the US, let me know and I will check for you.

Yes ! I’m interested Beverly🦋
How much would it be and does the kit have belly plate and body and can you send a safety pic?
I’m on FB IF YOU want to Pm me
Rosanna Eso is my FB screen name

I will hear the notification sound from FB

Resa and Beverly I will buy both if priced right.

I will buy both kits from you and Resa

I will buy both kits that you and Beverly have if the price is right. :grinning:

Do you still have pixie kit…thanks

Do you still have pixie kit…thanks

No, I’m sorry I don’t.