Looking for a Hair Painter

Hi everybody! I’m looking for someone to paint a few heads for me, with the possibility for more. I have MG and have gotten too shakey to do hair well. So odd, because finger nails I can still do! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:There’s just something about hair strokes that are no longer working out and it’s driving me bonkers!

Not looking for anything super complicated. I will provide shipping both ways, labor and material costs. I can provide paints if preferred, as well.

I am interested mainly in brown or dark tones, but maybe a blondie or red head. I do ethnic babies as well, and generally go basic hair with a slight wave. I’m happy to send photos of the heads I’m needing work on.

If anyone is interested, please message me with some samples and rates. I would prefer someone that has done hair painting as a service, but will consider someone that is looking to get into it.

I use air dry paints.

Thanks so much for any interest!


MG as in myasthenia gravis? I’m not a hair painter (still working on my first babies and I’m going to root them) but I am a nursing student about to graduate. I’ve learned about it but haven’t actually met anyone who has had it. :blush: Good luck finding a hair painter!

Yes! That’s it! My neuro says it’s pretty rare. My PCP has practiced for 35 years and never seen it “in person.” Lol! A lot of people think I’m meaning MS, as it’s the most common “M.”

I was diagnosed last June after having double vision and flunking a neuro exam. Dr thought MS for sure, and did that whole work-up. MRIs and LP were normal, so my clinic PA suggested MG.

My blood work for MG was negative, but in 10% of cases that can happen. I’m always in the unlikely of percentages! My Tensilon test showed positive for MG and the Mestinon trial solidified the diagnosis.

Mestinon has worked really well for me, I just have to take a lot of it. I’ve seen much improvement in my weakness and only occasionally have double vision in the evenings or when I’m tired. The shakiness is not as bad, but if I do too much or anything repetitive, it gets worse.

I do love reborning, and painting in general, so I want to try and keep at it. Lately, I’ve gotten to the hair and messed up tooo many babies. :roll_eyes: I’d love to keep selling, so I gotta find me a hair specialist!

Thank you for your sweet message! Hope to see you around the forums!! :blush:


@LisaLynn might paint hair for you!

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My mom has MG too

Hugs to your mom! :yellow_heart:

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Oh you will see me. :joy: This has become my respite when I have down time!