Looking for a Frankie head or kit


Ok so I had a Frankie kit and I made a huge boo boo on him. He looks like chuckie now. I like the Frankie kit and I want to have one. So if anyone has just the head or whole kit and want to sell let me know. Thanks ladies


If it’s just a paint boo boo you can strip and restart!


No it’s a hair issue he is my first baby to root and I kinda went root wild. :sob::sob::sob:


You can strip out the hair with hand, then finish with some Nair wax or tape. Remove all residue with tweezer. Put 2-3coat of varnish, then Voilà, a brand new head !


Awesome thanks I’ll try that then. Thank you so much


. Ok so here’s an update to Frankie head. The picture with a lot of hair is the frankie before. Then I pulled some hair out and left a small bit trimmed with a razor bland to appear like new hair growing. What do you think? Should I leave it alone or continue to pull the hair out and start over again


I can’t see very well. If you can take a picture from the top of the head, it would be great. As I can see it seem ok.


That’s after I removed some hair


It will depend if you are ok with that as it is.
If it was me, I would remove all the fuzzy little hair in front and side with tweezer, the re root those part with more sparse hair (less hair per hole) then cut them shorter.
Depend of the look you want.


So here’s Frankie’s new hair