Looking for a AA baby for a client


I have a lady looking for an AA baby for her 12 year old daughter.
She is on a budget because she already bought 2, but if you have any reborns $260 or order send me a pic and price. Thanks


I have my little Rosa on reborns for $250


Thanks I’ll let her know.


Sent you a pm


I have one on Ebay.I will PM you the link.


Yes thanks. She would be looking at everybody’s on reborn.com


If she is interested, I have a bi racial baby that looks good as a boy or girl. It is an 18 in preemie and weighs approximately 4 lbs, $260 free shipping, USA and PayPal.


4ever reborn babies by Crystal Fonville


I already gave my last AA baby away or I may have been able to help hope you find one for her before Christmas .


Don’t worry she took to long to find a tied one and one of mine got sold so she most be looking for 3 now. She stop sending me message after I sold one of the once she wanted. I fell bad, but she took too long.