Look what I found in my woods


So cute. I have a Native American baby in the works now. She’s all painted and I just need to root her. I’ve been stressing a lot about how to dress her. Yours is so cute.


I had to use Gavyn because of his dark hair as my model but he is too small.
Its all leather and hand done beading by me. I copied authentic american indian regalia designs for the clothing.

I just totoally love how you have set that picture up! It is beautiful, and your baby is perfect! What a lot of work you put into this one! You are very talented.

Thank you ladies.
If anyone would like a custom american indian outfit I will make it for you.
I am going to make an american indian chiefs daughter next.

He’s adorable, and your beading work is gorgeous!

Love it! and would love a price from you

beautiful baby and outfit.

      Hugs tIna

Thank you ladies it means a lot to me.


Cute! Love the pics.

that outfit is awesome

Thank you everyone.
I had so much fun making this outfit.

Thank you Mimi,
I love your little siggys. You can make a Kmart berenguer look like a million bucks.