Look what I found at my daughters house


A cute smiling berenguer.


OMG! If you don’t have a logo yet, that should be your logo!!! That is an adorable baby!!!


Oh…what a sweet baby and picture! Just darling!

Angel…your post made me remember what DD told me her 3 year old told her today when she asked him if he had a good day at pre-school. He said, “no, I was too busy crying for my mommy”! Kids…gotta love them. And those terrible twos will soon be behind you…and then you’ll be ready for the great and charming mind of a 3-year old!


Thank you ladies thats my little grandaughter Camille Olivia I love her to bits.

I think the youngest pic is so cute what a face.


i just wanted to say she is beautiful,she has the sweetest smile. they are so much fun when they are little. not saying that they are not fun when they grow up they still are but those first years are unforgetable for sure.



Aww!! That pic is just priceless!! I love that little grin!!


Awww she is precious and very happy with her dolly friends!


Awww! She’s is too adorable. I like the youngest pic too; that face is priceless!


Awwww …I want that one.
She is so precious, what an adorable picture!


very cute i think berenguer should use this for advertising its a great pic. lol marlene


Ooooh I want THAT kit. Where do I find one? It’s the best one I’ve seen so far!!


— Begin quote from “foxmom”

Ooooh I want THAT kit. Where do I find one? It’s the best one I’ve seen so far!!

— End quote

Me tooo, She is adorable.

   Hugs tina


What an adorable picture! But we all know which one is the cutest baby, right? Sweet!


The most adorable one is in the middle! LOL What a precious smile!




Thank you ladies


I’ll trade you a kit for the one in the middle! lol That is just tooo adorable!