Look what i bought

Went to Goodwill and look what i got!!! This changeing table was only $4.95 and $1.99 for the mobile. The sweater and matching hat was only $1.49 and Look Rhonda Timmy is wearing the shirt and shorts you got me.

OMG - looks almost like the one I found a few months ago – a maple changer that looked just like that. I think you may have gotten a better deal than I did, but don’t you love the hunt!

Goodwill can have some good deals for sure! I have to fix the bottom shelf. But i can kick myself in my butt for not getting the floor baby swing. Yes it will be used when i take pictures for sure!

The swings take up a lot of room - I had one and gave it away, but I got a bouncer instead and it doesn’t take up quite so much room and a small highchair which I love. The way you have the room set up is so lovely and your babies are so adorable in that setting!

yay great deal!

Thank-You everyone. Ginnylee your right but the swing was the size as a bouncer. Not the big size. I guess you could refer to it as a portable swing.I do have to say, i feel so sorry for my son cause of my situation i am staying with him in his home until i can get back on my feet. Here he is a bachlor and he’s being invaded with my babies and all that goes with them. Hey, anyone live in Joliet Il whose looking for a great guy? Great job, he’s 31 and a train engenier. LOL

I found one like that at our Goodwill, too. And it had the same problem with the bottom shelf. I had some strips of wood that I put across and screwed into the bottom so the shelf has something to rest on. It is great for pictures. Mine is filled with props. Love the mobile.

Good idea Kim.

Karen, the new outfit looks so good on him! I wondered what he looked like; I’m used to the little ones. As for the changing table, I have the exact identical one! The middle shelf is hanging a bit, and there is no bottom shelf anymore, but someone had put it out on the side of the road to get rid of it, and SCORE!!! I put 3 coats of spray paint on it, and it’s almost as good as new. You’ve got a good baby setup there; isn’t it fun to keep finding these incredibe bargains! Happy babying (of your son, too!)

Ladies all i can say is look for a good clean Goodwill. I have noticed that there are some Goodwills that will try and sell things that really do belong in the trash. Those are the ones to stay away from. Here in Joliet there are two i go to and i also once in awhile shop at one in Bolingbrook and one in Woodridge i really want to check out. Can ya tell i like Goodwill.

I need to start looking for some photo props… I do go to thrift stores, and have not found anything useable… garage sales are usually pretty good, but I hate to get up early enough to beat the crowds for the good stuff… You did get an amazing deal…

Wow what a great deal,!

They have a thrift store in a town near here that I love for getting furniture, baby toys and baby and kids clothes at. Got some new dresses for only a few dollars that Catherine is using now and when she outgrows them I get them for the dolls. Great place to get little stuffed animals for posing too. It’s a matter of going back again because you never know what will be there. Hoping someday to set up the extra bedroom as my baby room. Once I move a few things out like the desk for my older daughter and the other dresser for Catherine and my sister’s stuff…someday!

what a great deal! i love it