Look at this WBT Yarie Baby

Something new that I haven’t seen before painted hair on arms and legs…http://cgi.ebay.com/REBORN-TAMIE-YARIE- … 35a7b87b33

Sorry, but I don’t care for this. Looks like WBT got crossed with a Bindi kit! The baby has a sweet face, though!

Ohhhh, I do not like it. I know babies sometimes do have some hair on their back, arms and legs but that is just too overboard!

no, not my cup of tea… best of luck to her , seems like some like it…
Carmen in nj

Ow ooh…werewolf baby. Wow that is one very hairy baby. I don’t think I have even seen a baby quite that terribly hairy. Poor thing.

I don’t really care for this. If the paint strokes were more fine and not so dark it wouldn’t be a big deal, but its too harsh. But like another said, it got bids so someone somewhere likes it.

Your Olivia in the yawning picture looks just like Marita Winters Wee Yawns sculpt! How cute is that?