LOOK at this thing!


My son ran a half marathon here. This insect was on the tie down strap of the finish line. It was HUGE! The wing span was about 5 inches. You can see the eyeballs in the picture.


Lol you must live in the south like I do :rofl:


i live in the south and this thing is horrifying to me!


That’s a beautiful Dragonfly!! They bring good luck.


I think it’s beautiful. Super cool little creature :heart_eyes:


Yikes, that thing is big! I’d be way too frightened to go up that close for a picture. :joy:


Nope. I live in northern California. I thought it was beautiful, and I love dragonflies. It’s just that it was so HUGE and I’ve never had one looking at ME. lol The picture is smaller than the actual size.


I used a zoom lense because I didn’t want it to fly away before I got a picture.


I love dragonflies. They are intelligent and curious. One once played with my little son. I’ve seen them hover as if trying to communicate. Never seen one this big, though. He’s pretty.


I think it is a red flame skipper, or Libellula saturata.
(I am not a bug expert, I googled it)


Oh wow ! that is beautiful look at that color and form it resembles a flying goldfish with that coloring .


WOW! That’s HUGE!!! So beautiful, though…those wings! I’ve always heard they bring good luck, too!


Wow! I had no idea dragonflies could get that big and I never knew there were orange ones. He’s gorgeous! We have blue dragonflies around our pond sometimes but they are smaller than that one. I’d probably have been cautious around one that big too!


Wow! So neat and such a vibrant color.


We call them mosquito hawks but I think they are dragon flys. They eat mosquitos. We have them all over in the summer.


Well, if I had known that, I would have brought him home. lol