Look at this HUGE baby


Whew, if it is true, I cant imagine being his poor momma. I had all 6 vaginally, all were BIG babies but not gargantuan! 9lbs, 9lbs4oz, 8lbs9oz, 9lbs8oz, 8lbs10oz, and my youngest who was born a month early was still 7lbs4oz(he seemed like a peanut comparatively)! I was 16 with my first, no pain meds and my OB wouldnt listen when I told her I was tearing so I ended up with 10 stitches. That whopper of a baby would have torn her front to back, side to side, inside and out yowwie.


I don’t think it’s real, but to be fair, the baby in the photo (or the baby whose face was photoshopped in to build this photo) is definitely not alive and wouldn’t need medical care. He has the dark, straight mouth and “flat” face of stillborn babies. After losing our 3 babies we’ve met a lot of loss families and seen a lot of photos of their babies.


That’s what I thought as well. Poor child.


Jean, I watched a you tube video (Russian) don’t ask me how I got there…but they did leave that amount of cord and then tied it off with a white cloth strip. Different countries, different ideas I guess.
And Gines is not Guinness, just saying.

Oh and that looks like an operating theatre set up. I guess they were ready for a C-section if she couldn’t deliver naturally. And yes that baby looks a little ‘flat’.


Picture came from here.


When I had my son, there was a baby over 10 lbs that looked 3 months old. I was wondering why there was a bigger baby in the nursery!


That looks like a silicone baby head that I just recently saw… and the neck is just a wee bit strange so I am wondering if this has been altered…


That photo is someone’s attempt to get internet fame, not a doubt in my mind that it’s altered and staged! If not, “Dr I want to be famous online” has already lost the baby and he needs to lose his license!


Makes me happy that those days are past for me. Reborns are all the baby I need to have and grandbabies of coarse.


Totally fake and wheres the mother and that umbilical cord is so long LOL maybe the mom is on the floor and the cord is still attached.


I had a stillborn son at 33 weeks, and yes I totally thought this baby was deceased. Even if it is photoshopped the head is not of a living infant. :frowning:


Yeah I’m kind of freaked out by this baby. I’m a mom of many angels, as well as living sons. I’ve seen pictures of dead babies and when I looked again, it looks fake or dead. That’s messed up and upsetting.


I want another but finances, health and infertility are killing me. I get bitter sometimes but Reborns help me.


I’ve never seen a deceased baby. I was skeptical of the baby being born vaginally. Looking at the picture, it appears to me it may have been a csection. If this baby is deceased, it very cruel to post it appearing to be a sleep. I’ve learned to not believe all the news stories on Facebook. Now I know not to believe all the pictures either.


I hope you can have one some day soon. I had four and my baby’s 33.


Thank you! I’ve had children but wanted one more. I went through infertility before and after having them. I don’t conceive easy. I’m very grateful for my blessings as some have no children. It was a lot of tears and heartache to have them but I’d wouldn’t give them up for the world. I’m sorry to hijack the thread.


If that baby was just born, where is the blood on the baby and the Dr’s hands?? Weird.


Exactly, if that baby had really just been born there would have been blood all over the place! The more I look at that photo, the more I think the guy isn’t even wearing gloves…which wouldn’t happen. And that baby looks like a photoshop disaster. It not only looks dead, it looks unreal. It’s just someone’s inept attempt at trying to make people beieve a woman gave birth to a toddler. Don’t believe everything you see online!