Look at this HUGE baby


This baby weighed 19lbs n was supposedly delivered vaginally.


That’s not a baby, that’s a pre-schooler! LOL.


Right, lol. I can’t see delivering a baby of that size.


I’ve had 4 c-sections and zero vaginal births and that still hurts me to think about even with all of the best medication in the world.


All I can say is OUCH! :grimacing:


I’m so glad I never had a c section. I had 4 kids, n they all were natural with no medication. Largest one, my first weighing 7lbs 12 oz


I can’t even imagine a baby of that size being vaginally born, that kitty has to be all torn up. It would never be right again. He probably pushed or kicked her organs out of place.


Mine were all c-sections too, but D@&*!


That baby looks like it had plans to just grow up in the womb and come out when it was time to go to college. Yikes, if that is real.


That was not safe for mom or baby!!! Should have been a section for sure!


I tried googling largest babies and this pic doesn’t come up?

Perhaps altered?
The man’s hands look larger to me as well… though I may be wrong


I found one at 19lbs but it was a c-section


I also had 4 C’s , my smallest got stuck at 8lbs 6oz. :slight_smile:️My biggest was10 lbs. :two_hearts:

P.S. my friends daughter had a 12 lb. First born vag.


@ECNRebornBabies I am wondering if it is real, too. So much can be done with pictures and computers and such today.


This is a c section delivery. The surgical drape with only the and open and clamped so mom can not see. Huge baby not sure why they feel the need to lie about the delivery.




Exactly…a baby that big wouldn’t be able to fit through the pelvic bones…I mean I’m pretty good with anatomy and during labor the pelvic bones do expand but not to the size that a baby that size could pass through. Also baby would most definitely get caught up on the pubic bone. I gave birth to my first child vaginally and other 2 babies were C-sections. Due to several factors my second child needed to be born through C-section 3rd baby I scheduled the C-section. My boys were 7lbs 6oz and 8lbs 14oz. My daughter was 6lbs 13oz


I think that picture’s been altered. There’s something off about the neck when you zoom in and they don’t normally leave a foot of umbilical cord attached to the baby. My son weighed 6 lbs 11 oz and felt like a watermelon. This baby’s shoulders are half as big as the doctor’s. If this baby really was born vaginally that mother may never walk again. When I worked in maternity, we had a patient who had had no prenatal care. Her baby weighed more than 13 pounds but nobody knew that. When she came to the hospital his head was too far into the birth canal to do a C-section and they had to break both his shoulders to get him out.


I’m not totally buying into this photo. The baby looks totally out-of-it and the OB is just holding it up for the camera??? If that size baby was delivered (or any size baby) and it looked like that, it would have been whisked away to a skilled medical team to get it the immediate care it needs…stimulation, heat, meds, O2, etc. instead of letting an irresponsible doofus stand there and pose with it for pictures.
And, if we’re still assuming it’s a real baby, there’s no way there wouldn’t be blood on the baby, the gloves, and the doctor’s scrubs after the trauma any sort of delivery of a child that size would have caused. People that’s a toddler not a newborn!
Plus the cord has a clamp on it but it’s not even cut. He’s going to have to put that hunk down and finish his job before he can even hand it to anyone! This is either not real or it’s a big step toward a lawsuit!


I really hope this is a fake story/ picture because ouch.