Look at my boo boo.. Burnt the doll after she was all done

I let out an audible gasp when I saw this… I’m so sorry. You must be so upset. Is the whole head ruined or is it just the flange that is burned?

oh that makes my heart hurt…dang that is awful…

I gasped too when I saw your pictures. So sorry this happened to you. I will keep your accident in mind when I get my parts out to cool.

Oh no! I am so sorry Christine! That’s really sad since she was all finished! Hugs!!

Oh man,
I feel your pain. I melted my Moby too. In the oven on Broil.
Made me sick. I was all done painting and ready to start rooting. Its the pits to have to start over, especilly when every thing elso was looking good. Well need to add you to the “What not to do” club. LOL.
Im president.

Oh I’m so sorry I was expecting a slight melted spot, poor baby and poor Christine. Glad you didn’t loose all three babies. Well you now have some nice props for halloween next year.

OMG…you are so lucky only baby burned…and it is so sad that she did. Good luck on her replacement baby What a shame.

AAARRRRGGGGG!!! I would be just sick. Good thing your son saw or there could have been a bad fire.

Oh Dear! That’s horrible! Glad your son caught it when he did and good for you for having a great attitude about it! Good luck next time!

Oh my goodness. I gasped when I saw it too. I guess the important thing is that we can learn from it. Especially since there is nothing that can be done now anyway.

Oh Christine !!!Wow I am sooooooo sorry that happened to you and your baby -done Beautifully -I might add

Holy mama mia!!! That is awful, I feel so bad for you!!!

That is horrible.

That’s awful Christine. But hey, you can put it together and sell it on ebay as one of those monster dolls!

Didn’t you start crying?
I would have broken into tears!

In fact, I’d have broken the stove to pieces (well, at least the one in my immaginary kitchen)…

OOoh Christine, That is awful, I would be pretty upset, after all that work. I’m glad you did’t have to deal with a fire on top of it,

Hugs Tina

That is awful! I am soooo sorry!