Long shot Looking for

Hello Ladies been a while since i posted but I do check in a read and drool over the babies…
I was hoping to come across a fairly reasonably priced reborn for a lady that I work with, her only Grandson he is 3 months lives in New York and they are going to see him for Thanksgiving and then they are moving to Greece where her Daughters Husband is from, she has gone on and on about how she loves my babies I have taken them to work a few times and she just loves them, she rocks them and all the things a person does with a real baby.

So I was hoping to find a reborn I could give her for Christmas, I don’t think she would care about the sex, or particulars really, she is fond of the sleepers and darker hair, though, If I can talk my other coworker in on it I can come up with about $150-$200 BUT I would also be glad to send the remaining supplies I have left from my go at reborning, hair bows, poly pellets,clothes … maybe a few other things…Or even a partial trade? My Mom could make a twin blanket for a Christmas gift,

I do realize the cost of things so I don’t want to make anyone feel I don’t appreciate anything they do, I just wanted to do this as a nice gesture for her since she wont see her Grandson after the Holidays for sometime

Hey Kansas!!

Check under the COMPLETED REBORNS section…there were several there the other day for under $200…

will do Thank You You know Kim, she LOVES the Fluer you done… I wouldnt give her up for anything though… But she sure asks me to bring her to work a lot so she can love on her…lol

I sent you a pm!


Also sent you a pm.

Thanks ladies I have gotten a few PM’s Im going to look them over and try to decide…its so hard when they are all so cute!!