LMRN Online Reborning Classes NOW OFFERED


Hi everyone. This year I have expanded my Reborning classes to include online private classes. This is a private 2 or 3 days class depending on the skin tone between you and I . It is done through Skype which is free to use.
Caucasian class is 2 days $600.00
Ethnic (which includes any skin coloring besides Caucasian and Asian) $900.00
A comprehensive list of supplies is provided as well as a pdf tutorial and of course follow up questions and support.
My email is lastingmemoriesnursery@yahoo.com
To read more about what the classes offer please visit my website at http://www.lastingmemoriesrebornnursery.net
I have been teaching group classes and private classes since 2014


Photos of some of my previous classes


Photos of some of my work