Little Vamire


I think she’s a cute vampire! I can’t see Celeste as much either besides some type of alternative. I think she’d make a good pig baby like Alice in Wonderland. Lol
I didn’t know you could buy teeth. I’ll have to check them out. Thank you!


She was one of my votes in the competition! She’s just gorgeous.
I love the colors, the blue undertone works great for her. The hair also looks amazing.




These can be separated and clipped to a point with large size nail clipper. They are a thick vinyl.


You did an amazing job


Human dog hybrid for Celeste?


Thank you!




Bwahaha!!! I feel like you guys are punking me with these ready-made teeth!


I just scrolled up…she does make a great vampire baby! Her mouth is like alien. It grosses me out. She woujd make a great pig!


Hey y’all, I listed her on for 360.00 that includes shipping. I would ask you to check out my listing but all the photos disappeared and there’s nothing to see! How embarrassing😳 Anyway, do you think she’s reasonably priced?