Little Pumpkin Corbin


I have always loved the little pumpkin costumes but knew I would never find a outfit as small as Corbin, so I sat down and made one. My inspiration was a little pumpkin bear I found at TJ Max. I think my little Corbin looks so cute in his costume. Even made his paci. After the fall holidays, he will have a little footed sleeper with a matching bib. Double the wear.


Your Corbin is ADORABLE!!! The costume is SOOO CUTE!!!


What a darling!


Awww what a darling little pumpkin!!


That is too cute!! Now I’m feeling very inspired!!


How adorable!


Awww he’s precious! That outfit is darling on him!


What a great idea. The baby is adorable , I love how you did his costume.

Hugs Tina