Little Archie- finally getting this guy for sale:)


I used my iPhone for his auction pics instead of my professional camera- hopefully it does well. Otherwise I tanked this!!!ahhhh- anyways- here’s some pics of my sweet little Archie. IMO Levi Brown has the most newborn pose of any baby- I love how this sculpt curls up like he was just born. Anyone else use their cell? I heard the new galaxy by samsung takes the best pics- anyone have one? If it’s better- I need to get one!


Aaaawwww… He is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! :heart_eyes:

How long did it take to reborn him?


Thank you! His hair about 6 hours- his skin tone- ehh- about the same. Give or take- sometimes I get busy and they sit for a few days:)


Wow you work so fast! I admire that very much. :star2: I am still working on my first baby and I feel like it is taking me forever. Hopefully, once I figured everything out, I will work faster too.

I can’t say it enough - your babies are perfect! :star_struck:


Thank you so much! :slight_smile: happy reborning! This hobby is so addictive in the best way:)


Such a lovely newborn!


Oh so beautifully done! :star:


Thank you:)




@PaperCityDolls Yes, you are super fast and SUPER GOOD! He is perfect!


Thank you!!


He is perfect! This kit is soooo popular but you have managed to bring something new to the table with him. I’m sure even collectors who already have a Levi will want to add him to thier collection!


I don’t think it matters which camera used, your work is amazing!!


He is beautiful and your pics are great. I use a Samsung note 10.


Thank you!!!:slight_smile:


Thanks:) the photos seem to be the hardest part for me. I have three pro cameras- they frustrate me:/ I think I need a different lens- and a photography class!


Thank you:) Do you have examples of the pics you take with your dolls using your Samsung?! If so- if you get a chance can you post on here? I’m really debating getting a new cell just for an upgrade in the camera


My pictures are not great by any stretch because I suck as a photographer. Lol They are not nearly as nice as yours, even with my updated phone… You already take great pictures, so I imagine they would be even better with an upgrade. I noticed a difference between my old Galaxy 9 and Note 10.


Lol, I’ve had my camera for 3 yrs and still only know the basic settings. I think the pictures are great :grin:


Hes beautiful!!
I use my cell phone for pictures…its a Huawei and not legal in the US because is a Chinese phone, and they were worried about spying, but they used to sell them there. Its has a very good camera, some say even better than the iPhone but I think its certainly comparable…or the same :wink: