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Let’s sell some babies!!




I am trying something. Making a thread that lists all of our available babies. Since so many new people are finding the forum when they are looking for help with the scams, I thought that it might be nice for them to have a thread to look at with real reborns that are available. I wanted to keep that thread clean, so I was hoping we could discuss it (pros, cons, changes, etc.) here.


Your first listing was so awesomely detailed and beautiful that I am embarrassed to try. Lol

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Please don’t be! It is copied from my listing. You can use as much as you want from the listing to craft your own. I make the collages with for free.


Thank you. Photography and marketing are definitely not my “thing”. Makes it hard to sell stuff online. Lol

One note for sellers – you might want to include an outside email address in your listings. Anyone can read here, but only forum members can send PM’s. I read here for weeks before I joined. (Honestly the only reason I didn’t join earlier was that I couldn’t think of a user name, lol.) Give people as many options as possible – list an email, and links to any of your social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc). I also highly recommend having accounts on more than one social media site. You may have great stuff on Facebook, but I’m not joining Facebook just to see it. You don’t want to create barriers between you and potential customers. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is great advice.

Thank you @Peachtree for setting up the thread.


That thread makes me want to comment on how adorable all those babies are :heart_eyes:


It makes me want to blow the Christmas budget


I LOVE your idea for listing for sale bubs in a single thread with no clutter. I agree that sellers should provide multiple contact options. I have also noticed a listing or two that didn’t include a price. If I were in the market to buy a baby, price would be VERY important information.

I hope that BB will link the “available babies” thread from their main site and/or pin the thread to the top of the forums. (Pretty please? )


Me too! It was tough to refrain. :heart_eyes:

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Your listing looks fantastic and professional. Thank you for this information. What a wonderful resource!

Also…would it be possible for you to edit the parent comment to add a link to the available babies thread for quick access? (And vice versa on the other thread if it’s not already there? )

Yes, the thread should definitely be pinned!

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How do I add the link?

I am using my phone so desktop might be slightly different.
Go to the thread you want to post the link to.
Click this to open options.

Click this to copy to your clip board.

Go to the thread you want to post the link in. Choose the pencil icon at the bottom to edit the thread. Click this.

This will come up.

Paste the link in top box. Optionally, you can write in the bottom box what you would like to appear in place of the link.

I hope that’s clear enough and that I didn’t mess up the order of or duplicate any of the screenshots.

I think I did it :smiley:


Looks great @Peachtree I gotta try it out!! :slight_smile:

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You sure did! I’m loving this idea!

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